• John Moore

Getting Started with Battle Cats Mobile Game

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Battle cats Mobile Game is a cool and wonderful mobile game for Android and iOS users. Don’t let the name of the game deceive you. It is not actually for cat lovers and fans. However, cat fans and lovers would enjoy the game more. Anybody can actually download, install and play the game without restrictions. Battle Cats game comes with lots amazing and cool features that makes its playing session thrilling and exciting. In fact, you will be amazed at how much you will be addicted the game. If you follow the Battle Cats Hack – Get Cat Food and XP guide, you will literally go from 10 minutes to hours of play time without knowing. Yes, that is how addictive and interesting the game can get.

About Battle Cats Game

As previously hinted, BC is a mobile game. It is designed to be deployed both on the Android and iOS platforms. By platform, I’m talking about devices that run either Android or iOS operating system. And by devices, we are strictly referring to only mobile devices like phones and tablets. Yes, computer (either laptop or desktops) are excluded.

In the game, players can easily command their cats through space and time. These tasks are usually done with few basic commands. You do not need to spend countless hours trying to train and develop your own armies of cats. The game already has you covered.

Functions and Controls

The App has super easy controls that can easily be mastered within a short time or practice. And once the controls are mastered, you are ready to stage war against rivals with your awesome cat army. For instance, to activate the option for the cat you want to stage battle for, you simply have to click on the cat. That’s how simple and straightforward the game gets.

And to blast some hoodlums that are uncomfortably close to your territory, you simply have to fire the cat cannon. That will keep them miles away from your territory.

Download and Installations

The download process is pretty easy.

However, there are different steps to be taken depending on the device you are currently using.

For those on the iOS platform, you will have to visit the Apple store. For those on Android, the Google play store is where you want to visit.

Now, once you are there, simply search for the game name on the store. It is always the first result on the search result. So, click on it to download and install it on your device.

That’s all guys. You have successfully downloaded and installed Battle Cats on your mobile device. It is time to try your hands on the game to see if truly you would like the game.